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What we offer our customers

The Organisational Development (OD) takes pride in providing our learners and customers a variety of options to support future learning and development expectations.  We deliver on our promise by keeping up to date with the latest change management activities, tools to support learning, and through the continuous evaluation of our products or services.  We work closely with Southwark managers to ensure that we offer the right learning and development opportunities for Southwark staff to produce the right skills, knowledge and understanding to support effective and efficient working practices. Below are a few of the service options available to customers.  

John Howard manages the OD team, and has outlined his vision and priorities for the team, and how the OD team can help to transform and shape the skills  of service users over the next two years.     

Learning and Development Programme

The learning and development programmes are on offer all employees.  It aims to provide everyone with the knowledge and skills they need to perform at their best and to work effectively in teams to deliver excellent services.  The objectives set out in work-plans; business plans and the corporate plan help to set the priorities for learning and development.  The workshops, conferences, courses and e-learning are all designed with these priorities in mind.  We evaluate the feedback from all events and talk to managers to understand how effective they have been in improving performance so that the programme can be continually improved.  The council is accredited with the Bronze Level Investors in People award.

Leadership & Management Development

The Organisational Development team helps managers and leaders develop the skills and qualities they need to become highly effective in these roles.  Management and leadership play a major role in ensuring individuals and teams work effectively together to deliver excellent services for customers.  The services we provide include:

  • The Leadership Academy
  • Senior Leadership Programme
  • Management development workshops
  • Management competencies

Organisational Development

We design organisational learning and people development solutions to drive and support council-wide improvement.  We recognise that great team performance means great council performance.  So we work with teams to help them contribute to successful implementation of the council’s vision and strategies.  We provide consultancy support to teams, and our services include:

  • Application of diagnostic tools to measure team dynamics
  • Development of competency frameworks
  • Facilitation of group activities to support planning and problem solving
  • Team building and team development programmes
  • Change management assessments
  • Lifelong learning tools to support ‘Skills for Life’ in literacy and numeracy

Coaching and Mentoring

Mentoring offers the opportunity to learn from the experience of another.  The Southwark Mentoring Scheme has been established for several years and has created many strong developmental relationships with excellent results for mentors and mentees alike.  We provide training for mentors and mentees and we help to match mentees with suitable mentors.

Coaching provides a way of developing specific aspects of performance by working with a professionally trained and supervised coach.  The team can help you find a suitable to coach to meet your individual needs.

Professional Development

We help people to achieve and maintain the professional standards and qualifications required for their individual career.  The Post-Entry Training policy explains the terms and conditions and application process to obtain permission and funding to undertake a programme of study.  We foster relationships with colleges and universities to influence their offerings and ensure the needs of the workforce are met through further and higher education.

Member Development

The team designs and delivers a programme of learning and development events to ensure elected members are able to undertake their duties to the standard required.  Working through an all-party member development committee, the team have achieved the Member’s Charter award for the high quality of the member development programme.

Learning and Development Tools and Resources 

We provide a range of resources to help people and teams to develop their performance and skills.  These include:

  • Links to free online learning resources
  • Online diagnostic tools
  • Online career development resources
  • Research and reference materials