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Learning Styles Questionnaire

Each of us learns in different ways and knowing which way suits us best can be a big help in planning our learning and development. The council now subscribes to an online service that will help you understand your individual learning style . It's free and confidential, so give it a go now.  For more information about how to make your learning style work for you, email organisational development.

Individual and Team Performance Questionnaire

Maximise productivity in the workplace by enhancing the preferred behaviours used by managers and other professionals in your teams.....

There are many different models or techniques used to measure and describe personality.  One of the most widely used is the Type Model of Personality based on the work of Carl Gustav Jung – originator of Jungian psychology.

OD can provide teams with an assessment tool which measures an individual’s 'behavioural preferences',  which is a person's preferences for dealing with life, work, relationships, processing information, making decisions, handling problems, etc. 

The questionnaire can either be used for an individual or a team.  The outcome of the questionnaire does not measure skills, but offers an analysis of the preferred behaviours used by individuals.  It also provides individuals with feedback to further enhance these behaviours, to support skills and their future development.  The questionnaire can also be used to help maximise strengths and productivity in the workplace.

To find out more about the Ocean Personality Type questionnaire, contact Paula Spencer, OD Business Partner.

Cost per OPT questionnaire = £9